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10 Benefits of SEO

If you want customers to find your business via search engines, you need to invest in SEO services. Search Engine Optimization might seem daunting, but the benefits far outweigh any of the challenges you face as you get started. When you optimize your website, web content, social media, and general online presence, you can slowly start improving where you show up on search engine results. If you still aren’t sure whether you need to tackle SEO for your business, consider these 10 benefits.

  1. Increase in Site Traffic

When your site shows up toward the top of search results, more customers are going to click the link to your business. The more effort you put into social media, you’ll slowly see an increase in site traffic via Google Analytics or whatever tracking software you use.

  1. Affordable Marketing Method

When you run a PPC ad or other paid marketing strategy, you have to pay up every time someone clicks the link to your site. But after you invest in SEO services, those clicks from organic search results are free. Working with a reputable SEO company can help you create an effective and cost-efficient strategy that harnesses keywords and link-building techniques to increase your ranking.

  1. Increases Trust in Your Business

When you search something on Google, you tend to trust that the first page of results are reputable, trustworthy businesses. When your business comes up first in the results, customers will think the same thing. Consumers trust Google’s organic results, and trust that they are serving them the correct information.

  1. Return on Your Investment

When a customer clicks a link to your site from the organic search results, your receive 2x the amount of sales as you would from a paid ad. Not to mention the amount of data you can track from search engines, including demographics and search terms, which can help you shape future marketing plans.

  1. Makes You More Competitive

One of the top reasons you should be employing an SEO company is that your competitors have most likely already done it. In order to stay competitive in your market you need to work on your SEO tactics. Even if you think your business doesn’t need an online presence, the days are gone where you can believe that will be the case forever.

  1. A Long-Term Strategy

No SEO company can get your site at the top of a popular search term overnight. Building a quality SEO strategy takes time, as you slowly optimize your existing site, create more content, and build your overall online presence. But though it takes time, the investment lasts. Once your build your SEO strategy, it takes just a bit of upkeep to maintain your rankings.

  1. Stand Out and Find The Customers that Are Looking For You

When you create a solid strategy with an SEO company, your business can establish a niche and stand out from your competition. By optimizing your site for exactly what you offer, and directing it toward the ideal customer, you’ll be able to reach important people who are searching for a company just like yours.

  1. Gets You Closer to the Top Result

According to Hubspot, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. If your company isn’t on that first page, most customers are not going to find your site. By upgrading your SEO services, you can slowly get your site higher and higher on those SERPs, ensuring your reach the right potential customers.

  1. Local SEO Helps Customers Find & Engage with Your Business

If you operate a business with an actual address that customers would go to, local SEO should  be one of your main priorities. By working with an SEO company to increase your presence on Google, you’ll make it easier for customers to find your business and make a purchase. In fact, 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.  And even more impressive, 18% of location-based mobile searches result in a sale within one day.

  1. Helps Grow Your Business

By growing the amount of traffic you receive from search engines, it’s inevitable that the clicks will convert to purchases. When you have a stronger online presence that’s been boosted with SEO services, you’ve set your company up in a good position for growth.

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