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Why Adfinitely?

Adfinitely’s vision is to create a better marketing experience for our clients by providing unparalleled customer service, results that speak for themselves and excellence in execution of our marketing campaigns. We use our¬†creativity, technology, and experience to yield impressive results for all of our partners.

We Deliver Results.

Each Adfinitely product is crafted to scale and built with flexible permissions. Whether you are a Multi-Location business, a Marketing Agency, or a Manufacturer, our technology will help you scale.


We deliver results through technology. Our technology enables us to scale marketing campaigns across 1000s of SMBs, Franchise Locations, and Dealers all over the world.


Adfinitely works with 50+ Franchise Brands on both Consumer and Franchise Development marketing campaigns. Our team is structured to support franchise systems with team members assisting our clients at each level of their organization.

We work with brands as small as 5 locations and as large as 2,000. Our technology truly gives our clients a competitive edge in Digital Marketing. Simply put, we believe in generating successful outcomes for our clients.


As the North American reseller of Adplorer, Adfinitely is able to provide North American Ad Agencies and Yellow Page companies white-labelable technology to manage ad campaigns at scale.

Our technology includes sales enablement tools, white-labelable reporting/client dashboards, e-mail reporting, automated bid & budget management, and management reports to understand the health of your agency.


Our software is serving a growing number of MarTech companies allowing them to offer advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and other networks in an automated fashion. Using a simple API connection, we can easily launch campaigns which are up and running in minutes.

We provide full-service management of the campaigns and our service is 100% white-labeled to make it a seamless part of your technology experience.

3 Reasons to Contact Us!


We are creating the future of marketing products, not recommending past solutions. We will help your brand, agency, or MarTech company stay on the leading edge of marketing.

We build technology products, service offerings, and campaigns that meet our client’s needs. Each client’s needs are unique and we’ve built our technology to be customizable to each client we work with.

We are the first company to make TV advertising affordable for Franchisees. We’ve built custom software to allow us to target Connected TV devices of likely customers as they watch their favorite shows.

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