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Why do National Brands choose Adfinitely?

Keeping budgets, brand messaging, and ad relevance consistent across multiple locations can nightmare. With Adfinitely National Brands have insight into local level data as well as roll-up reports for the entire brand. By using Adfinitely, national brands are able to effectively manage Ad Campaigns across digital platforms quickly, efficiently, and within budget!

Generate Leads? Improve Branding? You choose!

Everything from search campaigns for leads, display campaigns for branding, or Facebook campaigns for social, Adfinitely manages it all. Brand marketers can easily launch all from one place with either a separate or shared budget.

Running a Summer Promotion? No Problem.

Adfinitely allows brands to effectively launch promotional campaigns. The campaign manager can choose to launch the campaign in specific markets or across all locations within a brand!

Reports! Reports! Reports!

As a brand marketer, do you find it difficult to get the right reports to show to management? With Adfinitely, you’ll find every imaginable metric through our software.  You can easily access, print, or export the reports.

Struggling Location? We can help.

Adfinitely will help you identify locations that are struggling before you know it. As soon as an under-performing location is identified, we will trigger an alert. With these alerts, the brands can proactively manage all of their online campaigns.

Cut Costs!

Did you know the typical ad agency charges between 20%-50% of ad spend for management of the campaigns? Adfinitely drastically reduces the cost of management so you can drastically improve your results!

These are just some of the many ways Adfinitely’s Adwords Management software for national brands has helped brands achieve their marketing goals.

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