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Why do Agencies choose Adfinitely?

Adfinitely provides agencies with a simple solution to complex campaign management issues. By using Adfinitely’s software, you can quickly and efficiently manage Ad campaigns on behalf of your clients across multiple ad networks, industries, and countries. Our software has been shown to increase the number of locations that a single SEM specialist can manage by over 400%. Can you feel the increase in productivity?

And we’re off!

Step 1 of any campaign is creation. Adfinitely enables you to easily create campaigns using industry templates. This lets you quickly create new campaigns for clients currently servicing that industry. Time is money, and you will save both with our campaign templates!

Did you say collaboration?

Adfinitely provides seamless workflow between Sales, Account Managers, and Technical Specialists. The workflow and task management functions empower your SEM team and Account Management team to collaborate on client campaigns. Finally, everyone is on exactly the same page!

Automated Bid Management, you say?

Whether you want to optimize for Leads, Impressions, Clicks or a combination, with Adfinitely, you can do it all! Our automated bid management will spend your clients’ dollars efficiently to achieve maximum market exposure. You can event set Cost per Lead targets and the software will bid to meet or exceed your clients expectations!

Fire?! Kidding, no more fire drills…

Adfinitely’s software identifies and alerts you to problem accounts LONG before you get a call from the client. This gives you time to review the account, identify potential issues, and implement a fix before your client sees anything amiss. We call this proactive account management. No more “fires”!

Where did that customer come from?

Not sure where leads are coming from? Not only can we track each and every click, but we can identify which leads are generated by each campaign. By tracking all traffic, you and your clients can monitor campaign traction, effectiveness, and ROI.

Hard to keep billing straight?

If you’re struggling to keep up with client billing we can help by providing monthly invoices for each individual client. Our invoicing system makes importing and exporting billing easy for your billing team!

The Bottom line?

Adfinitely provides the most efficient, affordable, and powerful ad management software on the market.

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