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Why do Franchises choose Adfinitely?

Franchise Communities face unique challenges when encouraging their Franchisees to participate in online Paid Ad campaigns. When you consider unique budgets, territories, and individualized services, online ad campaigns can become overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to manage it all from a single platform?

Generate Leads? Improve Branding? You choose!

Everything from search campaigns for leads, display campaigns for branding, or Facebook campaigns for social, Adfinitely manages it all. Franchisees can easily launch all from one place with either a separate or shared budget.

Running a Spring Promotion? No Problem!

Adfinitely allows brands the flexibility to launch localized promotional campaigns for set time periods. The local Franchisee can choose to opt-in to a promotional campaign or the Franchisor can automatically add the promotional campaign to all Franchisees within the brand.

Reports! Reports! Reports!

Do you find it time consuming to get the correct report to show to management? With Adfinitely, you’ll find every imaginable metric through Adfinitely’s software and easily access, print, or export all reports. Adfinitely provides roll-up reporting for the Brand and also real-time location reports for each Franchisee.

Struggling Franchisee? We help you help them!

Adfinitely quickly helps you isolate Franchisees that are struggling with their marketing. Adfinitely triggers an alert when a Franchisee is under- performing compared to the national averages.

Franchise Ads overlapping? Not with Adfinitely!

Simply provide a list of all your designated territories and/or locations and we will define the parameters to ensure there is no overlap. Marketing co-ops, not a problem for Adfinitely!

Paying too much? Pay less and get more!

Adfinitely is much more affordable than a typical agency due to our software. Our technology is so advanced that we are typically able to save Franchisees about 50% off the management costs of a campaign.

These are some of the instances where Adfinitely’s Ad Management software helps Franchises effectively manage their digital marketing campaigns.