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3 Tips to Dominate Digital in 2016

Christian Pillat

Is your franchise marketing ready for 2016? Sure, you have the basics down. Your website is optimized for SEO, you’re building your social media following, you’re running PPC ads, and your e-mail campaigns are still driving the cheapest conversions. You’re set right? With digital, you can’t just sustain. You need to lead! Below are three things that can set you apart from you competitors in 2016!

  • Influencers: "Viral doesn’t just happen, it’s created." Or, so says InfluencerEdge. When building your presence online, tapping into influencers in your industry to promote your brand is imperative. Are you launching a new social campaign? Identify influencers in your industry and offer them a deal to promote your new campaign. Typically influencers are extremely affordable and best of all; their audiences already trust what they say. Use them to make your next promotion or brand awareness campaign go viral!
  • Trigger Based Ads: As we all know with Paid Ads, they are meant to be there seen at a time of need. For example, if I search “oil change near me” on Google, there is a very high probability I am looking for an oil change. Now, instead of just running a PPC ad, you can do one better. Link it to your internal systems for wait times. Instead of just saying “Best Oil Change! Come in Now” you can say “No wait at the location nearest you! Get your oil changed now. Click here for directions”. Each brand is going to have a different trigger and they can be based on time, demographic, actions taken by the consumer, inventory, wait times, weather and even consumer behavior. By being extremely targeted with these ads, paid advertising becomes even more effective. It even becomes and options for brands which previously though it was too expensive.
  • Ordering and Payment Solutions: In e-commerce, one of the basics is allowing your customers to purchase with less than 3 clicks. Look at Amazon with its one click ordering. Is it any wonder they’ve been so successful? For brands that are not e-commerce, the ability to easily order and pay is crucial. If you’re booking a time for a roofing quote, why not list the times available for a consultation online? Allow the customers to book their time right online. I recently went through the painful process of getting roofing quotes the other week and it took 14 phone calls to get three companies to come by and provide a quote. If someone had an easy online booking system, more than likely I would not have made another phone call. Once the job is booked, allow your onsite contractors to collect the payments through a mobile credit card reader upon completion. This closes the loop, gets you paid faster, and allows the customer to go on their way thinking, “Wow, that was such an easy experience”.
With all of these suggestions, it all comes down to customer experience. Most companies have the basics down but if you can now improve your customer experience, it’ll set you apart in 2016. Influencers are already considered trusted sources by their followers and nothing is better than a referral. Triggering Ads at the right time can significantly improve customer experience and operations for your company by only filling stores that are not too busy for the work. Lastly, simplifying the ordering and payment process will do wonders for your sales.   Adfinitely creates a better marketing experience for national brands. We have an industry leading ad management platform that allows customers to easily order, distribute, and see results on marketing campaigns across networks like Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. Call us at (800) 696-4192 or e-mail us at sales@adfinitely.com for more information.

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4 Tips To Create a Better Franchisee Marketing Experience

Christian Pillat

4 Tips to Create a Better Franchisee Marketing Experience I met with a friend today who is opening a new franchise business in Atlanta. He spent over a year evaluating franchise concepts, eventually signing with one, and is now finishing the build out. He is preparing to launch with a Grand Opening in early November. An exciting time, but he’s frustrated! During the most critical time, the Franchise system is letting him down. They’ve sold him on their concept, helped him with real estate, given him an operations manual, but when it comes to marketing, they don’t have a plan! While marketing is different in every location, there are 4 key things that you can do to help your franchisees with their marketing. Understanding these four things will give franchisees confidence in the marketing programs they choose and confidence in you as the Franchisor. Below are 4 quick tips to help you create a better marketing experience for your Franchisees.

  1. Know Your Customer
    • Give your franchisees a target audience to market to. This should go without saying but you, as the Franchisor, have a responsibility to know your customer. Create a customer profile for your franchisees so that they can understand their customer. Your customer profile should include the ideal customers’ demographics, buying habits, and psychographics. By providing this information to franchisees, they will feel comfortable having a target for their marketing.Christian - Customer Profile for blog post
  2. Study Past Success
    • Why do people purchase franchise systems? People buy franchise systems because they are a proven business model. Take all of the knowledge, data, and experience you have from your other franchisees and use it! If you most successful franchisee spends 65% of their marketing budget on digital and 35% on print, suggest that to other locations. The more granular you can be the better! If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you know that businesses, who don’t know the numbers, don’t get investments. Do your homework as a marketer, know your KPIs, and give Franchisees concrete numbers on what has worked in the past.
  3. Create Content for Them
    • It’s important that you are giving your franchisees the marketing material they need. Make sure they have access to digital ads, postcards, social media posts, etc. that are written and approved by the brand. As you know 20% of your franchisees will be proactive about doing some of this marketing themselves and the other 80% need your help! Make sure you provide them with a media library to easily launch branded marketing campaigns. This is great for you too because you know they will be following the brand voice!
  4. Encourage Creativity
    • When a Franchisee calls you and is really excited about a new marketing opportunity in their market that other Franchisees have not tried yet, encourage it! No, don’t just encourage it, help them be successful with it. If that Franchisees creative idea worked in their market, it might work in all of the markets. Some brands will even supplement franchisees testing new marketing programs!
These 4 tips alone will promote franchisee confidence in your Brand and will create capable and profitable franchisees. They will give franchisees the confidence to market, even if you are not providing the marketing program for them. By giving franchisees the tools, technology, and knowledge, you can create a better marketing experience for you franchisees! To learn more about how Adfinitely can help create a better marketing experience for your Franchise system, give us a call today at (800) 696-4192 or e-mail us at sales@adfinitely.com.

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