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Our History

Founded in Cologne, Germany in 2008 by a graduate from MIT, Adfinitely provides Ad Management Software to large banks, telecom providers, franchises, and automotive dealers throughout Europe.

Now, through its Atlanta office, launched in the summer of 2015, Adfinitely is providing the worlds most powerful ad management software to North American businesses.

What our Clients say?

Wolfgange Eggert, Head of Klicktel Germany

We are big fans of Adfinitely. We switched from our in-house solution to Adfinitely in 2013 and have been able to increase productivity and quality by over 50%.

Nikola Filipcic, CEO Office Sector, Croatian Telecom

Adfinitely is very fast and great to work with. They have helped us to become a market leader in the Croatian market!

Angelo Catti, Head of SEM Omnimedia

Adfinitely has been our partner since our start in 2011. Today, we are the leading Google reseller and continue to be very satisfied with the outstanding functionalities of Adfinitely.

Who are our Clients?

National Brands22%

Our Mission

Christian Pillat, Managing Director, Adfinitely

Our mission is to create a better marketing experience for our customers. We strive to be customer focused at all times, listen to feedback, and improve our programs based on their needs.

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